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No matter how hardened your infrastructure is, employees are often the “weakest link” when it comes to security in your company. We can help you refine your security awareness and training programs. Our people highly value knowledge sharing and are happy to provide trainings tailored to your needs.

Your objectives You want to ensure that your personnel is aware of how to properly handle your data, to use your information systems or that you are able to identify possible malicious activity. You either want to set up or revise your whole security awareness and training program or you want to deliver a specific activity within your program.

Our Delivery Model At NVISO, we believe the core components of security awareness and training to include:

  • Awareness Program, tailored to different target groups
    (Executive, Specialist/Technical, Staff);
  • General awareness topics, communicated via print, Intranet, online learning;
  • In-company trainings, delivered in classroom or through online learning;
  • Tracking of training completion and performance (metrics). NVISO can deliver a full awareness and training program or focus on specific components. Due to our close working relationship with SANS, we can leverage their awareness material ‘Securing the Human’ and we can organize official in-company SANS trainings.

The NVISO Difference Next to strong technical competencies, our people have proven skills in effectively delivering trainings both for the SANS institute as in-company at clients. Furthermore, we have proven experience in setting up and running an awareness program, supported by self-developed content or ready-to-use content from SANS.


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